Friday, August 12, 2011

Who looks better bald?

Personally, I think Chris does. But the joke’s on him, because my hair will grow back eventually – one day (I hope!).

Since my brain radiation ended, I have been bald, tired and taking 1,000 mgs of Tykerb every day. I have not been at my best lately. Between the Tykerb, the Herceptin (every week now) and lack of sleep, I have no idea what drug is causing what side effect. Happily, I weaned off the steroids at the end of July, so at least the acne and face bloating has subsided. 

Anyway – the good news is it is not as bad as chemo was two years ago. I can function. I can go to work for 7 to 8 hours a day. I can feel somewhat useful around the house – although at the end of the day I am zapped. And I certainly can eat – so weight loss has not been an issue, which stinks.

Next time I write it will be after my much needed vacation in Nags Head. My family, including Chris, my three kids, my two step kids (Taylor and Austin pictured on the right), my parents and several siblings and their kids are filling a large house on the beach starting tomorrow for a week. There will be 25 of us together. The ‘big house’ we rented has plenty of room. Yes, it is a crowd, and yes it is not always perfect, but each year we have so much fun watching the cousins grow and play. 

Thanks to my parents and Chris and my kids for putting up with me and driving me around the last month. I plan to feel better and get my energy back. I will know more about how the radiation and drugs are working when I get my next MRI in mid-September.

Love to all,