Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Upcoming Procedures

Upcoming Procedures
My doctors scheduled my stereotactic radio surgery for next Tuesday, September 27. It is an all-day ordeal, starting at 8:30am at Fairfax hospital, when they literally screw a frame to my skull. I then get a few scans, and then I have to wait around with this frame on my head until about 4:30pm for the actual surgery to begin. That will take about two hours. Then I get to go home – no overnight stay. Other than scabs from the head frame, the side effects from the procedure should be minimal.

For you medical geeks, the link to the website below describes the procedure.

Today I had a PET scan (my usual quarterly check) and I get my results from that this Friday. I sure could use some good news, so I hope the cancer in my body remains under control.

I am still not feeling well in general, and I will be SO glad when all these tests and procedures are done.

Keep me in your prayers.

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