Thursday, November 10, 2011

GOOD NEWS - Brain Tumors got the Beat Down!

Family and friends!

Today, I got the MOST EXCELLENT news that the four tumors in my brain have all significantly shrunk in size which means the radiation surgery was a success! My radiologist was VERY pleased with the results, and said that the tumors will probably continue to shrink as the cells die and are absorbed. Even though the tumors are still there, they are much smaller (in some cases by more than half their size) and there is no swelling around the tumors as there had been eight weeks ago. There were no new tumors either. Chris, my mom and dad and I gathered around the computer screen when Dr. Bajaj showed the scans of my brain side by side - with the MRI scan from 8 weeks ago and the MRI from 2 days ago. We could clearly see the results ourselves - it REALLY was amazing.

Of course I had my expectations low going into the appointment. I was terrified actually. So to get this news - words cannot express how thrilled I am. I know cancer will always be lurking in me and I will always be monitoring it and waiting for results. It's this positive direction that I want to keep heading. I am still in shock - but it is a happy shock.

I am so incredibly grateful for the news, for the surgeons, for every prayer, everyone who supports me, for life, for my wonderful family, for feeling good and now for being able to look at the future.

Here's what happens next with treatment:
1. Monitoring brain with regular MRI scans (next one in 8 weeks)
2. Continuing Herceptin every three weeks to treat the cancer in my body
3. Quarterly PET/CT scans to check the cancer in my body (next one is last week of November)
4. I get to drive again in Mid December.
5. Tapering of steroids ending by November 30.

Please spread the word in all of your networks that EVERYONE's prayers and wishes and positive thoughts REALLY made the difference. This is beyond me and even beyond medicine.

Love and kisses and hugs and thanks to you all!

- Annie