Thursday, December 8, 2011

While Brain Looks Good, Body Does Not

Just when I get some good news about my brain tumors, I get results from a recent PET/CT scan that show 'active' lymph nodes in my chest and torso. This concerned my Oncologist so much that she recommended I get back on chemotherapy. She recommended a drug I have not tried - Abraxane. I start my first treatment today.

Once again, when cancer that is one part of my body seems to be under control (i.e. brain), it is active in another part. Yeah - this pretty much sucks. Like most chemotherapy drugs, I'll have to take Abraxane once a week, and it does have side effects (like lowered white and red blood cell counts and surprise, surprise, hair loss). It looks like I will not have a full head of hair for awhile. I suppose I should be more concered about nausea, diarreah and a compromised immune system, but for some reason the lack of hair growth is getting me down more than all of that.

As I struggle with another cancer phase, I still am trying to see the bright side of my life. I am able to drive now (yay!), I have great insurance, I am used to wearing head wraps, I am happy waking up every day knowing I have an awesome family, lots of people who love and pray for me, a decent job and a roof over my head. And Christmas is coming, which is one of my favorite times of year.

This is difficult. No question. Still - I plan to be around for awhile.

Love to you all!