Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stereotactic radio surgery - one more cancer adventure complete.

After 11 hours at Fairfax Hospital I got home last night at 7:15pm. My parents stayed with me just about the whole time. The surgery lasted 90 minutes. Chris took me home and nursed my head wounds. The worst part of the day was installing the head frame in the morning (see lovely photo). They gave me lots of shots of lidocaine to numb the four spots where they attached the 6 pound frame. The second worst part was waiting until 5:00pm in a room with a TV. Thanks to Grace I had some videos to watch to pass the time.

Everyone at the hospital was so nice. They made the experience as good as it could be. My biggest pain right now is the holes in my head are sore, where the frame was attached all day. Advil should take care of it. And I am on an intense steroid schedule again and those side effects are awful. But I need to keep taking them, to reduce the swelling around the brain tumors as a result of this procedure. I will get an MRI in 6 weeks to see how this worked, so once again I am in a holding pattern.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts and messages. You make this experience so much easier to take.  Thanks to mom and dad for being with me and for Chris who visited and held my hand and comforted me.

I love you all so much!!

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