Friday, January 25, 2013

Short Term Disability – Kickin- it At Home not so Bad

My lovely daughter, Erin, reminded me that people want to know what is going on with me more frequently than my usual random blog posts. It’s just so hard for me to share how I am feeling – it sounds so selfish. Still, I know how many people (more than I thought) are thinking and praying for me, and she’s right – inquiring minds... 

Today I go to Dr. Wilkinson (oncologist) to get my next set of orders.  I had physical therapy this week that kicked my butt – and was very necessary to see what I need to work on to build muscle and move ‘normally,’ not like a wobbly drunk. Count your blessings if you can put on pair a pants and a shirt in less than 5 minutes without getting out of breath or holding on to a wall.

I have to give shout outs to some recent correspondence I received from the entire Cakouros family – including hilarious memories of ‘growing up St Philip’s-style’ the basketball, sleepovers, swimming, etc. These letters seriously made my day! Shout outs also go to Amadie and my sister Joanie for providing various scrumptious food items. Last but not least – Amy, her momma and aunt reminded me through memories and stories and laughter that gave me tears of joy and not sorrow. How blessed am I?

A few more awesome moments these last two weeks:

  •  I finally learned how to use my iPod, buy songs, make libraries, etc. (thanks, Jake). I LOVE my 260 songs and am trying to restrain myself for going song crazy.
  • Without our dogs, Bentley and Bodie, my days at home would be so dull. They are truly brothers from another mother – snuggling with me then wrestling with each other – it’s a true bromance.
  •   Snow. Love any and all flakes.
  • My college girls tell me how much they are enjoying school and doing well. It makes my heart happy,
  • All my drivers and errand runners – you rock.

Ok folks. That’s all I can write for now. I’ll do my best to post more often. I’ll do my best to stay on this planet as long as I can.

Love and Peace,

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