Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brain the Same – Good News

Every day this week I had an appointment: I had physical therapy on Monday and Wednesday, a brain MRI Tuesday, and met with my radiologist, Dr. Bajaj this morning.

I was anxious about getting today’s brain MRI report. As it turns out, my doctor said there were no significant tumor changes compared to my last MRI 4 weeks ago, and no significant changes from my last three brain MRIs. In the world of cancer, believe it or not, this is really good news.  It’s not getting worse – and I am pretty happy knowing my physical downward spiral is linked to prolonged steroid use – not growing brain tumors.

Dr. Bajaj and his team of colleagues do not know what to make of my case – especially how the tumor in my pons (brain stem) is not showing any effects on me. In their experience, the location of that tumor typically causes patients to lose all types of body functions (the basics of walking, talking, breathing, etc.).  And if for whatever reason, the tumors do start to change or grow, I may be looking at some more radiation – if only to try to trick these little suckers. 

Although I am still at a physical low point, it’s all because of steroids.  I am down to 4mgs a day – the lowest dose in a year and a half. I’ll stay at this dose for as long as I can, and along with PT, I’ll get back in shape, build muscle, and lose weight. That’s my plan.

Physical therapy is tough. After three sessions, I am seeing some improvement in strength and balance. It sounds silly to you ‘normals’ but at my last session I was able to stand up from a sitting position without using my hands to push off the chair. It was one of the good moments in life. I am impatient – I want this to go faster. However – if I push myself too hard, I do regret it. 

In conclusion (don’t you love that phrase?!) I know something that the doctors do not. I have been blessed by the highest power. They may be puzzled about my case – I am not. I am here and alive because of God’s hand. There’s no question about it.

Love and peace to you all. I have so much gratitude for how you ALL touch my life with prayers, cards and good wishes.

More news in a few weeks

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