Sunday, July 17, 2011

Annie's Next Treatment Steps

Since I am finished with radiation, here is what is happening next:
1) In 8 weeks I get a brain MRI so they can see how the radiation did with the four tumors. The radiation is still working away in my brain, and I will experience fatigue for the next three weeks or so, and of course, I will be bald for a few months. My hair should come back. However brain radiation does a number on hair follicles, so there is no guarantee about the quantity or texture of returning hair. Yay for me.
2) Next week I go back to my oncologist, and I will start Herceptin treatments again every three weeks. That's an IV dose administered in my chest mediport. It's a 30 minute treatment - so it's not too bad. I do not really get side-effects from Herceptin.
3) In two weeks, I will start to take a new oral drug called Tykerb. It is a medicine that can cross the blood-brain barrier that will hopefully prevent new brain tumor growth. Tykerb may have annoying side effects, like diarrhea, nausea, rashes, and mouth sores. I try not to anticipate any side effects, and I know that if I get them, there will be meds to counter them.

So the Adventure Continues...

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