Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whole Brain Radiation - 14 Treatments - DONE!

On Friday, I finished my last brain radiation treatment. There were a total of 14. With all of the cancer treatments I have been through - between mastectomy, implant surgery, chemo, PET/CT scans, MRIs, core needle biopsies - I have to say that whole brain radiation has been a breeze.

The procedure involved laying on a table, strapping a form-fitting web-like mask to my face, and 30 seconds of a machine buzzing on one side of my head, then moving to the other side of my head for another 30 seconds of buzzing. My eyes are closed, and all I could see is a purple light and it smelled like something was burning. There was no pain at all. I hope that burning smell was zapping my brain tumors!

Here is a picture of my custom-fit mask. Of course they let me keep it. Pretty cool, eh?

Fairfax Hospital Radiology staff and scheduling were TOP NOTCH. I never waited more than 5 minutes to get my treatment. They paid for parking. The staff were incredibly friendly. On my last treatment, I got to literally bang a gong they keep at the front desk - a symbol of completion.

My parents picked me up every day from work, and took me to every treatment except for one (Erin took me once). I love you mom and dad, for driving me all over creation, and getting me to every appointment on time. You are incredible.

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