Monday, July 25, 2011

New Meds Start Today

After a very busy, social, swim-team filled weekend of activity, today I get to start my new medicine – Tykerb. This is an oral medicine that is supposed to cross the blood-brain barrier to stop or prevent cancer growth in my brain. There are some side effects as with any medicine, but my attitude has always been not to anticipate anything and expect the best. There are always meds that can help manage the side effects.
My doctor’s office had to call my insurance company to see if Tykerb was covered, because apparently this drug uncovered would cost about $3,000. Yeah – unbelievable. Care First Blue Cross does cover it (thank God) so all I had to shell out is $35. Anyone interested in knowing more about Tykerb – here is link to a site:

Here’s a pic of Erin, Grace and Jake from Saturday’s last meet at our pool Woodley, and it was Erin’s last swim meet of her career. They honored five senior swimmers who are moving on to college. I am so proud of Erin sticking with swim team from age six to 18!

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